There are no designated dealers at present, but we recruit agent dealers. Our company is headquartered in Shanghai.


       In addition to the store guidance, we can also provide a chef to the customers who just opened the restaurant, and find a chef according to the customer's requirements.


       If the equipment involves installation, we will definitely install it for the customer. In simple cases, we will ask professionals to give guidance.


       Our equipment is generally customized according to the requirements of customers. Because each customer's needs are different, we will not make the equipment in stock beforehand.


       The special plate for the teppanyaki of 20-28mm is used for the frying plate of our equipment.


       Our equipment is a quality, and it is all medium and high-end equipment. The iron plate we use is a special steel plate of 20-28mm; the temperature control system used is imported from Japan, and the fan and the lampblack purifier used are all high-grade.


Because our equipment is relatively large, it is a little different from the general express, so the freight is required to be purchased by the customer himself. (Except for the Shanghai area, because the company is headquartered in Shanghai.)


       We will introduce the chef to the customer according to the customer's request. If you want to learn technology, you can follow the chef to learn.


       We have markets all over the world.


       Gas-fired equipment, warranty for 2 years; electric heating equipment, warranty for 1 year. After the warranty period, if there is a problem, you can call us and we will help you in time.


       The Cookeryaki charcoal grilled fish stove adopts domestic leading technology, and the domineering appearance makes the equipment itself attract the eye of the diners and increase the restaurant characteristics; the unique internal structure makes the oil and water of the fish in the baking process not drip to the burning Charcoal, so that it does not produce any fumes, not only the grilled fish is more delicious, the outer coke is tender, and healthier; the semi-closed design allows the internal heat to be used to the maximum extent, and it takes 14 fish can be baked at the same time in 7 minutes., the time of ultra-short grilled fish greatly increased the restaurant turnover rate;.

       There are more than ten different sizes of charcoal grilled fish stoves. The smallest size can be baked two fish at the same time. The largest equipment can bake 14 fish at the same time. The shape can be round, semi-circular, double-layer and rectangular.

The specific process of grilling fish is as follows:

First, choose fish, kill fish, pickle;

       (1)Selection of fish: Choose fresh carp, grass carp, channel catfish, etc. weighing from 1250 g to 1750 g;

       (2)Killing fish: Shoot the fish and stun it. From the back into the knife, open the fish body and the fish head piece into a continuous piece, go to the internal organs, rinse it, go to the middle bone, and play a word knife on both sides of the fish body ;

       (3)Pickling: Add salt, onion, ginger, chicken powder and a little beer to pickle.

Second, the grilled fish stove heats up;

       (1) Charcoal burning: Charcoal is ignited using a charcoal furnace;

       (2) Charging: Put the burning charcoal into each charcoal of the charcoal grilled fish stove one by one;

       (3) Heating in the furnace: 15 minutes to open the top air outlet to fully burn the charcoal, close the air outlet in about 15 minutes to quickly heat up to 350 degrees in the furnace (the top air outlet controls the temperature during the baking process, the temperature is 350-400 degrees is optimal);

Third, baking, into the plate;

       (1) Roasting: The marinated fish is caught in a special grilled fish clip and baked in a grilled fish oven for 6-10 minutes;

       (2) Into the plate: After the fish is released, put the fish directly into the prepared grilled fish plate and wait for the ingredients to be added.


       1.During the baking process, butter will be applied on both sides to make the fish yellow on both sides.

       2.After the fish is grilled, we usually sprinkle the homemade cumin paprika.


        1. Please cut off the main power switch before cleaning the equipment. You can clean the equipment after the temperature of the grilled fish equipment has dropped to a safe range.

        2. When cleaning the equipment, do not rinse it directly with water, especially at the top of the equipment. It is forbidden to let water flow into the equipment to avoid damage to electrical components and safety accidents.

        3. After the equipment is used, please keep the temperature down to a safe range and clean the fish trough and the oiled drawer in time.

        4. When cleaning the appearance of the product, use a soft damp cloth and detergent to avoid water flowing into the control appliance of the electric grill.

        5. Turn off the circuit breaker connected to the grid when the equipment is not in use.


       1. Do not infiltrate the bottom power cord and plug into water or other liquids to avoid electric shock.

       2. During the working process of the grilled fish stove, the surface temperature may be relatively high, so please do not touch it. If you need to move or touch, turn off the power switch, disconnect the heavy power cord, and then touch or move the product after it has cooled down completely.

       3. When using the grilled fish stove, it is strictly forbidden for children to operate and play around.

       4. The grilled fish stove needs to be placed in a flat and dry place, and enough space is reserved around it, and it needs to be kept at a distance of 20cm from the surrounding objects.

       5. When cleaning the grilled fish stove, please turn off the power switch and clean it when the temperature of the grilled fish stove is cooled to avoid burns.

       6. If you do not use to grill the fish stove for a long time, please unplug the power cord and place the grilled fish stove in a flat and dry room.

       7. It is strictly forbidden to use the accessories provided by Cookeryaki company, otherwise all the losses caused by personal commitment.

       8. It is forbidden to use the grilled fish stove near flammable materials or heat sources. It is forbidden to place any items on the grilled fish stove.

       9. If the power cord is damaged due to aging, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced by a manufacturer, its maintenance department or replacement repairs by professionals in similar departments,. Do not replace the power cord or disassemble it yourself to prevent electric shock.

       10. This product is forbidden to be used outdoors in direct sunlight or be exposed to the rain.

       11. It is strictly forbidden to place the sealed container or the unexpected items of the baked food in the grilled fish oven for baking.

       12. Please use a soft damp cloth to clean the door and the outer surface. Do not use sharp cleaning equipment to avoid damage to the surface of the product.


       1. In the process of using the grilling fish machine, first put the oil drain drawer into 2/3 of the clean water;

       2. Turn on the power switch, set the gear switch to the desired gear position, and preheat for 4 minutes before baking the food;

       3. After the grilled fish equipment is used, close the gear switch in time to ensure that each gear switch is in the O state and turn off the main power supply;

       4. When cleaning the equipment, it is necessary to wait for the overall temperature to drop before cleaning the oil in the oil drawer, oil tank and grilled fish tank.