Smokeless BBQ Skill Tips

Compared to traditional barbecue equipment, it is necessary to configure a smoke exhaust system to achieve smoke-free, but the smokeless grill can achieve smoke-free by eliminating the need for a separate exhaust system. The price of the smokeless grill stove is also lower than the price of a traditional smokeless grill. Then let's briefly introduce the use of the smokeless grill.


This introduction introduces gas as a combustion material.

Check if there is any air leakage at the interface pipe of each part of the smokeless grill using the front line. If there is air leakage, repair it to prevent the fire from burning outside the fuselage.

After everything is checked and found, it starts to be grilled. When ignition, try not to use a lighter to directly ignite the ceramic plate. Our gas smokeless grill is equipped with a special igniter (similar to a lighter, but longer than a lighter).

If you hear a strange sound in the middle of the barbecue, you should stop the barbecue to check the cause. This is usually the case that the gas is not pure or the gas in the gas bottle is used up.

After the barbecue is finished, it is necessary to clean the residual barbecue material on the smokeless grill in time to keep the smokeless grill clean and to use it for a longer period of time.


Four steps to clean and maintain a smokeless grill:

1. Turn off the electronic ignition switch when cleaning and maintaining the smokeless grill to prevent accidents.

2. When cleaning, drain the residue oil basin and wipe the surface of the smokeless grill with a wet towel.

3, barbecue for a long time, food debris is easy to accumulate, should always pay attention to the performance of the burning plate to avoid clogging, steel needles can often check the ceramic burning plate micro-holes are blocked.

4. Avoid directly cleaning the burner with water, which will affect the service life of the burner.


How to extend the life of smokeless grills?

1. Smokeless grills must be covered with a grill cover when not in use.

2. When the grilling net is not in use, apply a layer of cooking oil to prevent rust from being used for a long time.

3. When the smokeless grill is not in use, it should be placed in a ventilated/dry place.

4. Keep the smokeless grills clean, do not grill the residual food or charcoal / grease.

5. Do not press heavy objects on the smokeless grill to avoid deformation or crushing.


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