Why is the marble countertop of the teppanyaki grill table damaged?

The marble used to decorate the top of the hibachi grill table equipment is very ornamental, but its material determines that it is easily damaged. So, do you know the specific reasons for the damage?

Only by understanding the reasons can we let us plan ahead to better solve these problems.


The specific reasons why the marble countertops of the teppanyaki equipment are easily damaged:

1. The color of marble is an aspect that people value when they choose, because it is originally a decorative effect. On the other hand, the style and tone of marble look more elegant, which leads many people to ignore the resistance of marble. Some unique properties such as abrasiveness eventually cause damage to the marble countertops.

2. Such as cracks, sand holes, loose, clips and other natural defects of the marble itself, if not repaired and compensated in advance, once wet or contaminated, the defective part will occur and gradually derived from the whole Block marble.

3. In addition to the problems of these marbles themselves, it is also related to some damage from the outside. (such as a strong collision with other hard objects)


teppanyaki equipment marble


How to better protect the marble countertops of Teppanyaki equipment:

The first thing to note is that the humid environment can cause a lot of damage to the marble. Because calcium carbonate is the main component of marble, as we know, calcium carbonate swells with water. At this time, the looser part of the marble structure is damaged and affects the surrounding stone.

Furthermore, the protection method is not appropriate. Therefore, it is best to apply a layer of protective agent on the surface of the marble to provide a certain protective effect.

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