What is Teppanyaki? The origin of Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is a Japanese iron pan, but it's grilled. The main characteristics of Teppanyaki are fresh ingredients and light seasoning. This way of cooking enhances the original flavor of the ingredients, not the mask.

The condiments commonly used in Teppanyaki cooking are wine, soy sauce, salt, pepper and vinegar. Garlic is also widely used, especially when preparing meat, chicken and bean sprouts.

Teppanyaki dishes contain a variety of beef from different geographical areas. You will have to dig further for Japanese beef in Kobe, Akita and Matsuzaka.

It is believed that the highest quality of Japanese beef is produced by cows specially treated for music and massage.


The origin of Teppanyaki

The Japanese are known for their creativity. They have a reputation for turning almost everything into an art form. Cooking is no exception. Teppanyaki cooking began in Tokyo, and local people began to use Teppanyaki grills. People can't help but notice that every aspect of this cooking is Japanese.

In 1945, Misono, a restaurant in central Tokyo, started cooking with a table-side grill, which surprised locals. A combination of entertainment and Teppanyaki dishes (such as "flaming onion volcano") makes Misono world-renowned.

Today, our Westernizers have adopted this style, and you can even start at home. Check out my purchase guide for some important tips on getting started.


Plus Points Of Teppanyaki Dishes


Teppanyaki dishes have a very low fat content and are very light in weight, because cooking involves very little oil. When ordering a Teppanyaki in the restaurant, you can choose how to prepare it.

You can decide the kind of seasoning and the amount of oil that suits your taste. There is little food, but enough. This kind of food will definitely be recommended to people with strong health awareness.

To be sure, in terms of health, the ingredients used in Teppanyaki cooking are desirable.

The popularity of Japanese Steakhouse makes Teppanyaki a household name in America. Teppanyaki style cooking is also used to fry noodles made of vegetable oil or animal fat for seafood or sliced meat.

Over the years, it has evolved into an interesting style, no longer considered just cooking, but an art form.


What is Teppanyaki? The origin of Teppanyaki