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Australia has been exporting beef for over a century, and now supplies beef to over 120 countries worldwide. In fact, Australia is the largest beef exporter in the world.

Australia beef is internationally recognized for being safe, wholesome, natural, tender, juicy and high-quality. Australian livestock are raised in a healthy, natural environment of rich pastures. They also have a world class feedlot industry, where cattle are raised on grass but finished on grain.

Maybe that explains why Australia is quite known as a BBQ heaven.



Michael from AU contacted us on April 15th,2019, and he wants to have a teppanyaki section at home.



At the very beginning, Michael proposed several questions on our unit, and we gave professional answers one by one.


• Could you supply images showing how we will connect the marble top to the unit please?



yes, see marble installation guide as below or the attached


• If you have specs on the size and shape of the marble top please so I can get that piece quoted here in Australia.

yes, see marble specs as below or the attached, thickness 1.5 cm or 1.8 cm suggested. 



• re the power for the fans etc….we are 240V here in Australia, Are the fans suited to Australia power? See plug images attached.

Our fans voltage data -- 220V- 242V, so voltage fits your local requirements. Speaking from safety aspect, we don't use plug to connect power directly but 3 phase circuit connection system, so a professional electrician for first time power connecting required. 

After several back and forth conversation via email and WhatsApp, we finally confirmed the exact model for Michael, and there was a small story of cross comparing our unit with other suppliers. After careful consideration, Michael made his decision of dealing with us.



Then the rest is the routine, testing before leaving our factory, custom declaration, delivery and help clients to do the custom clearance.

Several months later, I wrote to Michael to follow up us after sales service, and below is his answer:











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