An Enjoyable Purchase - UK

Mr. and Mrs. Cuff are a lovely couple from UK, and they wanna have a private home entertainment teppanyaki section in their garden, invite some friends to have fun together occasionally. That’s why Mr. Ian Cuff reached out.

For the following, things go into the first professional procedure -- completely understanding Ian’s requirements.



After back from their vacation, Mr. Cuff replied and expressed doubts on fume solutions. We offer 3 options of fume solution, updraft, downdraft and smokeless built in recirculation (hoodless, ductless, pipe less, no pollution).



In Ian’s case, application is outdoor BBQ area, natural wind and open environment will blow away and purify smoke and fumes. Thus, teppanyaki grill table with updraft system and push hand recommend.

After confirmed price and tax/vat from the Gov Office, The Cuffs placed the order in a few days.



Then we take care everything for Ian, design, production, testing before leave factory, delivery and after sales service.



Just yesterday, Ian gave me a positive reply. He said and I quote:

• "Once again thank you for making my first ever purchase from China an enjoyable process."
• "Thank you everything is fine and very happy with table, have used a few times and waiting until I can invite friends around After social distancing is lifted."



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